10 UK terror suspects arrested

More than 400 officers from the Greater Manchester, Staffordshire, West Midlands and South Yorkshire forces took part in the operation.

Nine men and one woman were arrested in accordance with Britain’s anti-terror legislation for alleged involvement in commissioning, preparing or instigating acts of terror.

The suspects were described as being North African and Iraqi Kurdish in origin.

They have been taken to several police stations for questioning, and it is not yet known if any explosive substances were uncovered during the raids.

Police declined to comment on a Sky News television report that the sting was connected with an apparent terrorist threat against the Trafford Centre, a large shopping and entertainment complex in Manchester.

On April 19, the Manchester Evening News reported that sporting grounds were likely to be high risk terrorist targets.

Manchester is home to one of the world’s best known soccer teams, Manchester United.

Over the weekend, the leader of a militant Islamic group told a Portuguese newspaper that sympathisers of Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network were preparing large-scale attacks against London.

Assistant Chief Constable David Whatton of Greater Manchester Police said the arrests and searches were “part of an ongoing operation looking at the threat of terrorism across the whole of the United Kingdom.”

Last month, nine people were arrested and a large quantity of ammonium nitrate, a possible bomb-making ingredient, was found in similar raids in and around London.

Three properties close to Manchester city remained cordoned off as forensic police continued their examination of the buildings for further clues to terrorist activity.

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