Attacks mark war anniversary

Two Iraqis were killed after being struck by one of three rockets targeting the so-called “Green Zone” hit a traffic island in the nearby Mansour neighbourhood.

A second missile landing inside the coalition compound causing no casualties.

In a separate assault, five rockets were fired at a military base near Fallujah in western Iraq killing two US soldiers were killed and wounding five more soldiers and a sailor.

The attacks came as President George W Bush faced renewed criticism for leading the war on Iraq.

Former White House adviser Richard Clarke has alleged the Bush administration wanted to topple Iraq’s ousted leader Saddam Hussein immediately following the September 11 attacks in 2001, despite evidence pointing to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda.

The claims were reinforced by comments from former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix, who said Washington acted too quickly going to war based on hastily compiled evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

European Commissioner Romano Prodi has also called the White House into question over the Iraq campaign, challenging the war’s purported benefits in the fight against terrorism.

In Iraq, divisions are re-emerging with the country’s leading Shi’ite Muslim cleric pressing the UN to reject Iraq’s interim constitution, according to a letter obtained by a Reuters journalist.

Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani reportedly argued the constitution’s three-person presidential council, consisting of a Sunni Muslim, a Kurd and a Shi’ite Muslim, would be unable to make unanimous decisions.

According to al-Sistani’s letter, this would open up the potential for foreign intervention to break potential deadlocks, and possibly end in the break-up of Iraq.

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