Chalabi angered by raids

The forces removed documents, personal files and computers from the two buildings in Baghdad.

Speaking after the raid, Mr Chalabi said his relationship with the coalition provisional authority (CPA) is now “non-existent”.

Mr Chalabi said he was America’s best friend in Iraq, but that the raids appeared to be politically motivated.

He said: “I think that what the Iraqi police did under the CPA is an act which will affect badly on the other Iraqi parties who will not now be tools to them.

“We are friends of America, but when America treats its friends this way then they are in big trouble.”

Coalition spokesman Dan Senor said the raids had been “Iraqi-led” and that “Chalabi has worked closely with us over a number of months” to rebuild the country.

Another coalition spokesman denied that US troops had raided Mr Chalabi’s complex, saying that “coalition forces merely provided a support role”.

The secular Shiite, who has amassed a banking fortune and was sentenced to jail by Jordan in absentia for fraud, said Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency officers who took part in the raids.

Mr Chalabi claimed he had been targeted because the coalition disapproved of his scepticism over the role of UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi in forming an interim government, and his private investigation into allegations of corruption in the UN oil-for-food programme.

He accused the Baghdad chief of police, who was responsible for the raids, as being a member of the former ruling Baath party who should have been fired under a US-led “debaathification” policy last year.

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he was unaware of the raid on the home of Mr Chalabi.

Asked about the raid after a Senate Armed Forces committee meeting, Mr Rumsfeld said: “I certainly was not aware that there was going to be a raid on a home if, in fact, there was.”

Mr Rumsfeld added: “My understanding is that the Iraqis are involved in this. And I think you’d probably best ask the Iraqi leadership.”

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