No charges for second Delta Brit

Tarek Dergoul, 26, a former care worker from east London, had been questioned by anti-terrorist police since being flown back from the United States detention camp in Cuba.

Three of five men returned to Britain on Tuesday on a Royal Air Force (RAF) flight are still being questioned by police in London.

Four of the returnees – Ruhal Ahmed, 22, Asif Iqbal, 22, and Shafiq Rasul, 26, and Dergoul – were arrested by police on their arrival at an RAF base outside London.

A firth man Jamal al Harith, 37, was only detained at RAF Northolt for four hours under immigration rules before he was reunited with his family at a secret location. He was not charged.

The US released the men from the Camp Delta prison in Cuba two years after their arrest in Afghanistan on suspicion of terrorism.

Mr Dergoul’s lawyer, Louise Christian, had argued for his release on Wednesday under the Terrorism Act, which allows for a review of the detention after 24 hours.

She said Tuesday night’s procedures had gone on far too long, been unnecessary and protracted with fingerprinting continuing late into the night.

“It was very clear that they should have been allowed to sleep long before they were and it was very clear that their cells were too cold,” she said.

But the National Co-ordinator for Terrorism, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke, said normal British law and procedures would be followed “to the letter.”

Four other Britons – Feroz Abbasi, 23, Richard Belmar, 23, and Martin Mubanga, 29, all from London, plus Moazzam Begg, 36, from Birmingham – are still detained at Guantanamo Bay.

UK Home Secretary David Blunkett said they will probably face trial in the US as they had been picked up “in the combat zone” in Afghanistan.

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