Sydney trams return

The New South Wales Government says it will seriously consider a new proposal to build a tram line through Sydney’s central business district.

Under the one-hundred-and-80 million dollar plan, trams carrying up to 200 passengers would run daily from six o’clock until midnight between the Central Railway Station and Circular Quay.

The state’s planning minister Graig Knowles says the plan would reduce traffic congestion and help boost retail trade around central Sydney.

The chief executive officer of Metro Transport Kevin Warrell says his company’s plan would transform the city.

“The Sydney CBD has reached crisis proportions in terms of its traffic congestion. The city is frequently gridlocked and it basically doesn’t work. We need a solution to this problem. Our solution is to put in place a modern light rail system, as in other cities in the world, including Melbourne but also throughout France and Germany and the United States. This is the modern solution. It’s economical. It’s clean. It’s green. It’s cheap and it provides superior transport.”

Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore says she hopes the project could eventually lead to an expanded tram network across other parts of the city, including its eastern and inner-western suburbs.

Ms Moore says there are many long-term benefits in light rail as a means of public transport.

“It would address the traffic congestion in the city. It would provide an efficient public transport service that would move volumes of people. A light rail vehicle can take 200 people. That’s the equivalent of 50 laden cars or three laden buses, and that would make an enormous difference because narrow city and inner city streets really struggle with those large buses, held up in traffic congestion.”

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